The CodeKhandwa Challenge 2016 Results

Please click here to see the list of winners and participants of the CodeKhandwa coding challenge 2016.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that if we help others achieve their goals and enable them fulfilling their dreams; our dreams and goals are automatically achieved and fulfilled.

At Progmates, we are committed to help people achieve their dreams, be it our customers or the people associated with us.

Our Mission

At Progmates, we treat our work as a mission. We are on the mission to bring small businesses online. We are very fortunate to have like minded people who are really very much dedicated and hard working towards the mission. Giving back to the society is our Social Responsibility, and each one of us is working towards it

The CodeKhandwa Challenge

Progmates present the CodeKhandwa coding challenge Exclusively for the Students of Computer Science branch (Studying or Passed Out) of MJP Government Polytechnic College, Khandwa. As a part of our vision and mission, we strive to provide a platform for talented people. We believe that each individual is unique. Each person has some specific skills.

CodeKhandwa is a great opportunity to showcase the talent within the students of the MJP Government Polytechnic College Khandwa.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the contest.

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